Anciff Film Festival is open for all indie filmmakers from all over the World. 

Newcomers are welcomed.

 Through the festival, we hope to support and promote filmmakers around the World. 

 We’re sure that all of you would like to share your talents with fans and other market pros. 

 All fans and pros would like to find out the stars of indie movie World. 

The main value of the Festival is the opportunity for the filmmaker to instantly get in touch with spectators, colleagues, market professionals, and fans to let the World know about you.  We suggest you become a Volunteer in our project!  

Volunteers are included in all project activities: 

Participation in weekly online film festivals of independent films from around the world (communication with participants, watching movies, leaving their opinion about the films viewed, maybe also participating as a festival co-host and other tasks), 

Communication with clubs and cinemas in your city regarding the organization of showing the program of film festivals there,

 Participation in the making of film festivals: searching for independent film content, communication with filmmakers, film lovers, students, fans, pros and others 

Participation in social media discussions regarding the project themes.



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