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 Short Film

Student Film



Payton Award (Humanity AWARD)
Films promoting Family values and upholding cultural heritage)

Best Indigenous short film
Best Indigenous feature film


Best Director 

Best Student Film

Best Actor Short Film

Best Cinematography 

Best Editing

Dandelion Spirit Award
Special award to female filmmakers


Dandelion Spirit Award

Dandelions can thrive in difficult conditions, symbolizing the ability to rise above life’s challenges.

Dandelions have one of the longest flowering seasons of any plant. It is often the first flower we see in spring, and the last flower we see in summer – reminding us of our mothers and grandmothers who rose before dawn and were the last to sleep at the end of the day.

Found essentially everywhere, the dandelion adapts to its surroundings. If you mow over it, it will return over and over – just a little shorter each time until your blades can’t touch it.

Every part of the dandelion is useful, as either food or medicine. It is also used to make beer, wine and dye for food and fabric.

The dandelion is often the first flower a child will pick to give to a parent or someone they love.

Maybe most symbolically, the dandelion is the flower we choose to whisper the wishes of our hearts to.

Despite all of this, sometime in history, someone decided that the dandelion was a weed.



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